Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Long Summer

At the end of this summer, I am reminded how wonderful it is to set goals, write them down, and then actually do them! Every summer, I write a list of things that I would like to do with my time off. I was able to do almost everything on my list this year. First, I always like to do a few projects with my house. I had my hardwood floors throughout my top floor refinished and they look beautiful! Then I wanted to "pimp my patio." I saw some ideas that I wanted to try and I was barely able to squeeze this project in. It happened the week before school started.
I was also able to go on some amazing trips, teach my art class, and spend some great time with family and friends. Now school is starting and that's a whole other adventure!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Australia and New Zealand Trip

This was such an amazing trip! It was winter time there, but it was pretty mild and still so beautiful! My friends and I had so much fun and did some amazing things. We spent the first week in Australia and one week in New Zealand.
This was so amazing! We repelled down 11 stories into the caves. They are full of worms that glow in the dark. We did a zipline in the dark, cliff dove into a underground river and did some black water rafting, then rock climbed up waterfalls. It was so awesome!

These were some trees in Aukland by a botanical garden. They were so pretty!
There were a lot of rivers and beautiful waterfalls. We went on lots of fun hikes. This shot scared some of the other girls because I had a shaky landing!
This is the Hamilton, New Zealand temple. It was beautiful. It was so nice to do a session there. It felt like home.
We went to a traditional Maori dinner and show. They sang and danced, then fed us a hungi. This is a dinner cooked in the earth with hot rocks and it was sooooo good!
In the middle of the town of Rotorua in New Zealand, there is a whole forest of redwood trees. It was amazing! That was one of my favorite places that we went.
This is me feeding some kangaroos in a zoo we went to.
The Sydney Opera House
We went to the Shire where Lord of the Rings was filmed and had lunch in Hobbiton. It really was so beautiful. Lots of rolling green hills covered in sheep.

My Cute Family

Alyssa and Pierce
I love it more than anything when we are all together. It was so fun to laugh and play and visit with each other.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping on the 4th of July

Grandma helped all the kids make 4th of July hats.

We camped at Warm Springs and there is a natural hot spring and there is a little pool to swim in.
Playing horseshoes

You Gotta Have Friends!

The gang from the branch.  We went up to Yellowstone and hiked and saw the sights.
Every year my friends Jessie, Marissa, and I get together and have lunch and pedicures.  We started our first year teaching together at Grovecrest.  We just hit it off and have been friends since.  We love our little reunions.  We just pick right up where we left off and laugh and have so much fun!
This is from the 3rd annual Kebob night at my house.  Love a good BBQ!


My three friends and I took off to Aruba for a week.  I have to admit when we decided to go, I didn't even know where Aruba was.  All I knew was that the Beach Boys sang about it.  It is a little island about 11 miles about Venezuela.  It was so beautiful and so relaxing.  Just what the doctor ordered!
The beautiful sunset on our last night.
Relaxing and reading by the pool.
Our Jeep tour group.  It was so fun.  We snorkeled, saw the national park, visited an ostrich farm and did some serious off roading.  
California lighthouse.
Dinner at the Iguana Cantina.  It overlooked a water show that was choreographed to music.
Aruba from the plane
The jeep that picked us up at the hotel for our tour.  Giddy-up!
Our last day.  Sniff, sniff.
Getting ready to make the all night flight to New York before heading to Aruba.  
Feeding the ostriches on our jeep tour.  I thought I got grabby when I am hungry!
I loved their license plates.  
There were lizards all over!  We also saw lots of iguanas around the pool.
This is the view from our hotel room.  Amazing!
This is one of my favorite shots. 

Colton and Kaylee's Wedding

This was a great day.  The weather was beautiful and the wedding was really special.  It was so neat to have so much family make the effort to be there.  I am so happy for Colt and Kaylee.  I don't think I could have hand picked a more perfect girl for Colton and our family.